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Welcome to Menai Organics Limited.

Established in 1987, the Company has been providing a highly professional service and excellent value for money in intermediate, building blocks, scaffold and high throughput screening.

We specialise in a diverse range of fine organic chemicals as intermediates for parallel synthesis and solid-phase synthesis for research and development use.

These may be purchased from our regularly updated online shop or developed on an exclusive basis for individual customers. Menai Organics has over 4,000 compounds in
stock for high throughput screening.

Menai Organics North Wales

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Our approach to business is simple. We achieve success when we deliver a solution to your requirements on budget and on time. Our project managers employ innovative methods - both technical and logistical - to accomplish this goal. Menai Organics experienced team possesses many years of combined technical experience in the processing and custom manufacturing of pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Our knowledge enables us to identify processing facilities optimally equipped to meet your unique requirements. Our team maintains the expertise to effectively assemble all of the components needed to make your specific project successful!.

Menai Organics supply a variety of different industries

What we do

Menai Organics supply a variety of different industries & although the stock listed are laboratory chemicals, we supply many different industries with a variety of different chemical products we welcome enquiries from all over the world. Holding to our philosophy of mutual benefit, high quality and service.

We are committed to supplying quality products, at very competitive prices to our valued customers. Our inflexible devotion to quality control has earned us a respectable worldwide market image. Our excellent infrastructure for testing the quality of the goods makes us one of the most stringent suppliers of high quality products..


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Menai Organics North WalesMenai Organics Ltd. is a company offering a large range of novel intermediates and building blocks to the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our skilled chemists specialise in laboratory scale synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds including heterocyclic intermediates, screening compounds, polymer supported reagents and scavenger resins. We also undertake parallel synthesis projects on a confidential basis.

Our Services

FT-IR and chemical test. FTIR relies on the fact that most molecules absorb light in the infra-red region of the electromagnetic spectrum, this absorption corresponds specifically to the bonds present in the molecule.

The price list for screening compounds is on the Selected products page

What We Do

We offer compounds for High Throughput Screening and have a collection of 5000 compounds with 90% in stock at any one time. The purity of our screening compound collection is 90%+ but with an average of 96%.

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Who We Are

Established in 1987, the Company, which is small by design. Is capable of handling most enquiries with efficiency and a service that has earned a rewarding reputation.