About Us

 Established in 1987, Menai Organics provides a professional service and value for money. The company specialises in diverse ranges of fine organic chemicals as intermediates for parallel synthesis and
solid-phase synthesis for research and development.

We are now serving North America with Barry Feigelman, our new North American sales manager. Barry  has worked over the last ten years serving the needs of clients within the pre-clinical drug discovery chemistry sector. He has effectively provided pharmaceutical, biotech and academic clients with all types of small molecule compound libraries and custom chemistry services. Since 2006, he worked at InFarmatik, Inc. as their National Account Manager for the U.S. and Canada. Prior to that, he spent six years as the National Sales Manager for ComGenex, a full service European drug discovery chemistry CRO, which later became part of Albany Molecular. Barry looks forward to providing you with highly responsive customer service. Contact Details Here

Our Intermediate and screening catalogues on CD or e-mail contain over 5000 products (available in milligrammes, grammes and in most cases up to 1 kilo) and rare intermediates and polymer supported reagents, many unavailable elsewhere.

All compounds in our catalogues are synthesised and analysed "in-house." Facilities include IR, 1H-NMR, U.V. and HPLC. Screening catalogue products are supplied at a minimum of 90% purity by
HPLC. Intermediates from our Intermediates catalogue show individual purities, typically 98% by HPLC.

  • Competitive Pricing structure
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • High Quality Products
  • Optimally  Equipped Facilities

Environmental Analysis

Menai Organics Ltd. has undertaken analysis of bracken, bracken compost and groundwater run-off in areas with bracken for the presence of the carcinogen ptaquiloside and related compounds.

Consumption of the bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum by cattle has been shown to induce bladder and intestinal carcinomas in cattle and to cause a number of diseases in other farm animals. An unstable glucoside named ptaquiloside, containing a reactive cyclopropane ring, has been isolated from the fern and its potent carcinogenicity proven.

Reference: Potter, D.M. and Pitman, R.M. (1994) The extraction and characterisation of carcinogens from bracken and the effect of composting.

International Bracken Group special publication No. 2, Bracken: an environmental issue, Bracken 94, University of Wales
23: 110-115.