Our services

We can undertake parallel synthesis projects and custom synthesis and contract research on a confidential basis under non disclosure agreements.

All work on these projects is done in house. This includes FTE (full time equivalent) and turnkey/ mixed model FTE allowing leads to be developed and larger amounts of screening compounds to be prepared up to 1 kg.

Every compound is rigorously quality assured by the in-house analytical service to meet or exceed the specifications of the client. We have wide experience in the preparation of heterocyclic and aromatic intermediates such as pyridines, pyrimidines, pyrroles, thiophenes, thiazoles, benzothiophenes, benzothiazoles, isoxazoles, triazoles, oxadiazoles, indoles, oxoindoles functionalized with piperazines, sulfonyl chlorides, anilines, carboxylic acids, phenols, ureas, thioureas and hydrazides.

We also have a long experience in the production of polymer supported scaffolds and scavengers We also prepare high purity compounds found in waste streams for use as HPLC and GC standards in environmental measurements.

Environmental Analysis

Menai Organics Ltd. has undertaken analysis of bracken, bracken compost and groundwater run-off in areas with bracken for the presence of the carcinogen ptaquiloside and related compounds.

Consumption of the bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum by cattle has been shown to induce bladder and intestinal carcinomas in cattle and to cause a number of diseases in other farm animals. An unstable glucoside named ptaquiloside, containing a reactive cyclopropane ring, has been isolated from the fern and its potent carcinogenicity proven.

Reference: Potter, D.M. and Pitman, R.M. (1994) The extraction and characterisation of carcinogens from bracken and the effect of composting.

International Bracken Group special publication No. 2, Bracken: an environmental issue, Bracken 94, University of Wales
23: 110-115.

Recently, Menai Organics has analysed pelleted dried bracken for use as a heating fuel provided to them by Brackenburn at www.brackenburn.co.uk and we did not detect the carcinogen ptaquiloside or related compounds in the sample.